Robert S. Harrison ’76 Recent Alumni Volunteer Awards

Posted by Robert S. Harrison ’76 Recent Alumni Volunteer Award (RAVA) Nominations on 08/23/2022

General Information

Nomination start - 09/01/2023
Nomination end - 10/22/2023
Process for Filling Position: Submission of a nomination
Number of Seats: Up to 5
Location: Non-geographically based
Eligible Constituent(s): Alumni

Summary of Position

The Robert S. Harrison '76 Recent Alumni Volunteer Award is intended to honor recent alumni (UG/Grad/Prof) who are 0-10 years past their Cornell graduation with demonstrated outstanding contributions to one or more Cornell volunteer organizations or University initiatives. The goals of this award are as follows: Formally recognize young alumni volunteer work and service to Cornell, motivate young alumni to deeply engage in Cornell volunteering, and honor volunteer contributions across diverse dimensions. Awards will be announced in the spring at the Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC).

Cornell Interests:



Talent Expectations: Skills


Organize, Plan and/or Host Events
Lead a Group
Manage Projects
Serve on a Committee or Board
Length and breadth of the nominee’s activities and leadership; Involvement with Cornell in some capacity since graduation; Graduated in the last decade

Build/Maintain Relationships

Engage Individuals
Represent Cornell
Unique or unsung contributions made to Cornell and the world

Responsible Contact

Contact Name:
Amanda Massa
Volunteer Position Title:
Associate Director, Young Alumni Programs
Email: Phone:

Time Commitment

Average Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs/month
Duration: Not Applicable
Term of Office: Not Applicable
Number of terms in Office: Not Applicable


Prerequisites All Cornell volunteers who graduated in the 10 years prior to the current year are eligible for the award. Alumni from undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools are eligible. Volunteers need not have a formal organizational affiliation (e.g., CBAA) or leadership role (e.g., Class President) to be eligible. Service in the form of outreach, engagement, and event participation are also acceptable. NOTE: Cornell faculty/staff are not eligible to receive the award (until the time when not employed by Cornell). For the 2024 award, we will consider volunteers who have recently completed their 10 years of service, up to the Class of 2013.

Hiatus Required? No hiatus required
Dues Required? No


Meeting Attendance Required? Yes

Meeting Location(s):
On Campus: No
Off Campus: Yes
Off Campus Location: Recipients must be able to attend the recognition ceremony at CALC
Conference Call: No
Meetings per year: 1x year

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation:

Make a gift to Cornell at a level of individual comfort

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the annual trustee election