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SDDI’s programs, initiatives, resources, and member organizations strive towards social, cultural, economic, and educational equity. Our office is proud to carry out identity work with a focus on race and ethnicity, and we strategically work with campus partners to consciously embrace intersectional identities, including but not limited to, ability, gender, sexuality, SES, and first generation status.

Our goals include –
• supporting the growth, social and cultural identity development, and empowerment of students
• preparing leaders to be agents of social justice at Cornell University and in their global communities
• fostering an inclusive campus climate of respect and accountability
• providing spaces of equity and change
• and facilitating and taking part in the intersectional identity development of our students.



Ithaca, NY 14850, United States

Contact Info

Contact Name: Matthew Carcella
Position Title: Director, Diversity Alumni Programs
Phone: 607-255-3089