Member, Arts & Sciences Advisory Council

Posted by Arts & Sciences Advisory Council on 08/13/2013

General Information

Nomination start - 02/09/2024
Nomination end - 03/31/2024
Process for Filling Position: Open only to staff nominations
Number of Seats: 60
Location: Non-geographically based
Eligible Constituent(s): Alumni, Parents, Friends

Summary of Position

Members of the A&S Advisory Council serve as advisors to the dean, college administration and faculty to provide critical support for the plans and practices of the dean, as well as backing for reforms and initiatives. Through attendance and participation at Advisory Council meetings and select activities throughout the year, the council engages with the college’s programs and policies from the standpoint of alumni, parents, and friends whose vantage point of Cornell reflects their interests in the world at large. The Dean considers for membership those who strive to provide a foundation in the liberal arts for all Cornell students and to foster the intellectual curiosity that drives outstanding research, scholarship, and teaching.

Cornell Interests:


College of Arts and Sciences

Talent Expectations: Skills


Speak to Groups
Members serve as the College’s key ambassadors, advocates, and advisors. They are an engaged part of the volunteer leadership group at Cornell. Through participation in committees and task forces and other meetings or contact with the dean, members are at times asked to be an advisor and a sounding board for the dean and other college administrative staff on specific issues.


Organize, Plan and/or Host Events
Lead a Group
Serve on a Committee or Board
Through attendance and participation at Advisory Council meetings and selected activities throughout the year, and through their philanthropy, advisory council members demonstrate their volunteer leadership on behalf of the College. Members may be called upon to give brief updates on the college at alumni events and serve as ambassadors for the college and Cornell. Advisory Council members are asked to make an annual gift at the President’s Circle level ($25,000+) to the College of Arts & Sciences Annual Fund, in addition to providing support for capital, endowed, or programmatic priorities according to their interests and financial abilities.

Build/Maintain Relationships

Engage Individuals
Represent Cornell
Through discussions at two+ annual Advisory Council meetings and informally throughout the year, members represent the key constituencies of alumni, parents and friends whose perspective on Cornell reflects their engagements in the world at large. Members serve as advocates for the value of a liberal arts education, and the essential, foundational role that the College of Arts & Sciences plays within the larger University. As informed insiders, members serve as ambassadors for the college to other groups at Cornell, as well as in their business networks and home communities.

Responsible Contact

Contact Name:
Esther Feng
Volunteer Position Title:
Associate Dean

Time Commitment

Average Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs/month
Duration: Not Applicable
Term of Office: 4 years
Number of terms in Office: 3 terms


Hiatus Required? No hiatus required
Dues Required? No


Meeting Attendance Required? Yes

Meeting Location(s):
On Campus: Yes
Off Campus: Yes
Off Campus Location: New York City
Conference Call: Yes
Meetings per year: 2x year

Other Meeting Details: On occasion, we will host an additional mid-winter session. This meeting may be virtual.

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation:

$25,000-$49,999 (President's Circle)

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the annual trustee election