Convener, Cornell Alumni Advisory Board (CAAB)

Posted by Cornell Alumni Advisory Board (CAAB) on 09/03/2015

General Information

Process for Filling Position: Direct appointment by staff or administration
Number of Seats: 1
Location: Non-geographically based
Eligible Constituent(s): Alumni

Summary of Position

The Convener leads the work of CAAB in collaboration with the staff of the Alumni Affairs Leadership Team to provide guidance on priorities of the Alumni Affairs work plans. The Convener helps identify topics and outlines the process by which to prepare for and participate in discussions. The Convener organizes meetings, assigns members to discussion groups, and ensures recommendations are presented to the Alumni Affairs Leadership Team in a timely manner. Additionally, as a volunteer for Cornell University, vote in Cornell's annual alumni trustee election.

Cornell Interests:



Talent Expectations: Skills


Write and/or Edit
Speak to Groups
Leads Advisory Board meetings and maintains communication with other members throughout the year. Compiles and presents recommendations to the Alumni Affairs Leadership Team.


Lead a Group
Manage Projects
Serve on a Committee or Board
Lead the work of CAAB by identifying issues for discussion, assigning members to project teams, ensuring project time lines are reasonable and deadline are met, and reporting discussion recommendations back to the board and members of the Alumni Affairs Leadership Team. Communicate frequently with staff.

Build/Maintain Relationships

Engage Individuals
Represent Cornell
Additional expertise may be needed, in which case the Convener may facilitate conversations with additional industry experts, subject matter specialists, and/or experienced volunteers. As a highly-informed leader, the Convener serves as an ambassador to other groups at Cornell, and in some cases update these groups on the work of CAAB, as well as to people in their business networks and home communities.

Responsible Contact

Contact Name:
Lindsey Murtland

Time Commitment

Average Time Commitment: 5-7 hrs/month
Duration: Not Applicable
Term of Office: 2 years
Number of terms in Office: 1 term


Prerequisites Present member of CAAB.

Hiatus Required? No hiatus required
Dues Required? No


Meeting Attendance Required? Yes

Meeting Location(s):
On Campus: No
Off Campus: Yes
Off Campus Location: One in New York City One in the Mid-West or West
Conference Call: Yes
Meetings per year: Monthly

Other Meeting Details: Video calls in between the in person meetings

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation:

Make a gift to Cornell at a level of individual comfort

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the annual trustee election