Emeritus Member, President's Council of Cornell Women (PCCW)

Posted by President's Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) on 03/19/2014

General Information

Process for Filling Position: Must meet eligibility criteria
Number of Seats: 50
Location: Non-geographically based
Eligible Constituent(s): Alumni

Summary of Position

Emeritus members are not elected members and are limited to PCCW founding members, past PCCW chairs, or any member-at-large elected to Emeritus status by the Steering Committee in recognition of very significant contributions to PCCW. Additionally, as a volunteer for Cornell University, vote in Cornell's annual alumni trustee election.

Cornell Interests:



Talent Expectations: Skills


Serve on a Committee or Board
Emeritus members are eligible and encouraged to participate in any ad hoc or standing PCCW committee except the Steering Committee.

Responsible Contact

Contact Name:
Nataki Corneille

Time Commitment

Average Time Commitment: 1-2 hrs/month
Duration: Not Applicable
Term of Office: Not Applicable
Number of terms in Office: Not Applicable


Prerequisites Must have completed a six-year term as a PCCW Member.

Hiatus Required? No hiatus required
Dues Required? No


Meeting Attendance Required? Yes

Meeting Location(s):
On Campus: Yes
Off Campus: Yes
Off Campus Location: Emeritus members are invited to participate in the annual PCCW Symposium. The Symposium may be held in a location other than the Cornell Ithaca campus at the discretion of the Steering Committee.
Conference Call: Yes
Meetings per year: 1x year

Yearly Philanthropic Expectation:

Make a gift to Cornell at a level of individual comfort

Alumni Trustee Election

Vote in the annual trustee election